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Excitement [Mar. 25th, 2009|09:12 pm]
[Current Mood |excitedexcited]

Things to be excited about:

Art Camp! (just found out i got hired this year, after thinking that i didn't)
My sister passing exams and now being a licensed cosmetologist (does this mean i need to start paying her? i hope not...)
My family's new puppy, Pippi Longstocking! (pics to come soon!)
One week til Portland! Two weeks to Vancouver! (i honestly can't wait for either! Make it April 1st already! If you are in either of these towns, let's hang out!)
The possibility of finding a J O B ! (keep yr fingers crossed for me!)
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i tend to only update when it is my birthday... [Jan. 5th, 2009|12:45 pm]
so here you have it. i'm 27 today.

i just graduated. and i'm officially an art teacher. i'm so in love with someone i kinda can't stand it. i have more friends here than i have ever had before and they're all amazing. i can't wait to move though. i want to be back west so badly i can't stand it sometimes. i just need to find a job.

i'm excited for what comes next. i feel like a huge chapter has ended and i have the rest ahead of me. so much of my focus has been on finishing school and now that i've done that it is scary and incredible all at the same time. this birthday is special; it's the beginning of something new. i'm so happy i get to spend it with my sweetie and my friends and my family. i hope to do the same next year, just in a different city. that's my one big new year's resolution: to be out of michigan by 2010 for reals this time. i think i can make that happen. xoxo.
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summer goals 1 and 2: [Jul. 14th, 2008|12:05 pm]
i keep trying to write about my baking and berry-picking adventures, but i think the pictures say enough, really:


more strawberry goodness...Collapse )

we also made strawberry jam the next day. delicious.

there are few things as rewarding as baking, if you ask me. and i hope to continue to get better at it as the summer continues. next up, blueberries! yum!
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p.s. [Jun. 30th, 2008|11:21 pm]
i haven't written here in well over a year. and i'm not entirely sure why that is, but i haven't. this past year has been pretty incredible, and you'd think i'd have a lot to share, get out there, get off my chest. but it felt safer to hold it in.

but i think it's time i start sharing my life again. time to document where i'm at and what i've been doing. if even just for myself.

i made a list of summer goals; things i want to make the time to do, especially since this is my last official summer as a student. i've been steadily working my way through it, and it feels good. i think i'm going to use lj as a tool to track my progress and also as something to look back on later.

so, yeah, stay tuned...
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quarter of a century... [Jan. 5th, 2007|11:50 am]
today is my birthday. and i'm trying to not be sad about it. because that's what i do generally, get sad around my birthday. my past two birthdays in portland were so special, and i miss that.and a big part of me wishes i could be there right now. but i can't.

i don't know why i put so much emphasis on my birthday, anyway. it is just another day really. no big deal, right? but i always want it to be special regardless, and maybe that's why i get so sad. and it won't ruin my month, my year, my life if today isn't great. it'll be ok. i'll be ok.

school's out for winter! [Dec. 21st, 2006|07:32 pm]
and i feel that i should be more relieved or something, but really all i want to do is sleep. this semester was beyond anything i have ever experienced before schoolwise. it was challenging and rewarding and really helped me to see that this is exactly what i want to be doing. and i'm good at it. and one day, i'll be great at it.

next semester won't be nearly as hard, but i'm a bit upset about that. due to low enrollment the one class i need before student teaching has been cancelled for next semester and won't be offered again until the fall. this basically puts me back another semester, which i'm not very thrilled about. at the same time, there is nothing i can really do about the situation, so oh well. things will work out in whatever way they have to, and i'm ok with that.

i'm heading to cleveland the day after christmas with my mom and dad because my mom is having back surgery again. hopefully this one will work better than those before. i think it will be a good break away from home, but not really an ideal vacation. hopefully i'll really get out of town in march.

i finished my short version of my animation "femme enough." i am working on a long version next semester, but this is what i've accomplished this semester. you can check it out on myspace: femme enough.

have a wonderful holiday season and happy new year, friends!
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femmes... [Nov. 12th, 2006|07:00 pm]
so i'm working really hard on this film project, along with so much other school work. things are going well, but i'm getting frustrated with it all too. seriously, if yr my friend and yr femme, please send me a photo of yourself. you don't have to do any writing, etc. if you don't want to. just send along an image of you being your fab femme self, however you define it. i really want you in the film, and also, i'm really lacking in terms of participants. tell your friends. help a girl out. please.

i've extended the deadline to Nov. 20th. so get to it!

email your images (and any ?s) to: craftygrrrl@msn.com

thanks lovelies!
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Calling ALL Femmes! Help me with this project!! [Oct. 21st, 2006|11:46 pm]
Call for submissions! Please help with my film project!

Hi, my name is Erin and I am currently working on a short animated film entitled “femme enough.” (working title). What I’m looking for are digital photographs of you being your fabulous femme self! I am looking for photos that epitomize your femmeness as you see it and also images of femme groups or gatherings. The photos will be altered into drawings (resembling the original, but no original photos will be used) and then animated by me for my final project in my film class. I also plan to enter the film into some queer art shows somewhere down the road.

Please email your photo(s) along with a short description on how/why you are femme, ie. finish the following sentences: “I’m femme like…,” “I’m femme because…,” and/or “I define femme as…” or whatever you want to tell me about yourself or your group. These self-definitions may introduce or go after your animated image in the film (the connection to your image will be clear and your words will not be used out of context!!). Please also include your name, location, and contact information. I will contact you if I will be using your image.

Thank you so much for your time and I hope you will participate in my project!! And please spread the word! Feel free to email me for more info.!

Erin Rosett

*edit: Deadline is November 15th, but the sooner the better for my sake!
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what a perfect day [Oct. 7th, 2006|09:33 pm]
seriously. today has been perfection. here's why:

*sleeping in in hamtramck. with a cat on my tummy.
*coffee and brioche at avalon for breakfast. and foccaccia for later.
*meeting nigel, the cute dog outside avalon, and listening to plastic tub drumming while enjoying said breakfast
*fun school day with art project sharing experience. i really love my saturday class. even though it's on saturday.
*hanging out on campus in the beautiful sunshine watching the little black squirrels and fat robin red-breasts prepare for winter.
*meeting for the first time and hearing leslie feinberg speak. in a super intimate setting at workers world, a space i didn't even know existed. and the food was delicious too. it was brilliant really.
*hanging out with laura multiple times in one day. clearly what every day needs.

and that was today. i loved it.
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(no subject) [Oct. 4th, 2006|01:06 am]
i'm kind of a bumbling mess right now, so of course it is a totally appropriate time to update my journal.

on second thought, maybe not.

*thank you l, for late night food and coffee. totally my saving grace today!!*
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